Justin Fleming and Lee Lewis reunite to bring you this glorious satire of polite society.


A comedy of manners. Without the manners.

She has the success, the influence, the looks. He’s got cheekbones for days. She speaks her mind no matter who she offends. He’s surrounded by sycophants and yes men. She captivates him with her honesty and frankness, but does he really love her, or is he being a little loose with the truth?

This is Molière with a delicious twist: the Misanthrope not a grumpy old man, but the savvy, sartorial Danielle Cormack. In fabulous form she rejects the social conventions of false flattery, challenging us to tell people what we really think of them. What’s the worst that could happen?

Following the outrageous success of The Literati, writer Justin Fleming and director Lee Lewis reunite to bring you this glorious satire of polite society. It’s got all the social climbers, sycophants and hypocrites that keep our ‘Emerald City’ functioning.

Once again we’re in bed with Bell Shakespeare, only this time we’re headed to Sydney Opera House—because where better to stage a tale of love, compromise and the true cost of honesty?

All performances at the Playhouse, Sydney Opera House
Please note: Single tickets will go on sale in 2018 and must be booked through Sydney Opera House.

Cast & Creatives

Director Lee Lewis
Designer Dan Potra
Lighting Designer Matthew Marshall
Composers and Sound Designers
Max Lambert and Roger Lock
With Danielle Cormack, Simon Burke, Catherine Davies, Ben Gerrard, Rebecca Massey, Hamish Michael, Anthony Taufa

Performance Times

Preview 28 – 30 August
Opening Night 31 August
Season 1 – 28 September

All performances take place at the Playhouse, Sydney Opera House

Performance Times

Previews 7.30pm

Tuesday & Wednesday 6.30pm
Thursday & Friday 7.30pm
Saturday 2pm & 7.30pm
Sunday 4pm

Extra Matinees
Wednesday 5 September 1pm
Wednesday 12 September 1pm



Lee Lewis on The Misanthrope