A Note from Lee, 15 September


Spring has well and truly sprung, Gloria is well and truly soaring, the 2017 Season is well and truly launched, The Turquoise Elephant is furiously rehearsing, and we are all leaping towards the end of what has well and truly been an extraordinary year.

So we may all be choking on plane tree fluff, but the hardest part of the year is over and Sydney is starting to do its blue sky strut. All you readers in the northern hemisphere had better start planning your summer in Sydney trips is all I’m saying.

I really do mean it when I say I am sorry more people won’t get to see Gloria – selling out is great from the playwright’s point of view, but it sucks for people who can’t get in. If I could we would do open ended runs like you have in London and New York, but the subscription season means that we must end in a particular date and move the next show in. Fortunately the next show The Turquoise Elephant will be a great show to round off the 2016 season.

Thank you for your support of our 2017 season – there are great new Australian plays coming your way next year. Congratulations to all our friends over at STC, Belvoir, Queensland Theatre, Malthouse, Ensemble, and MTC. All the seasons are launched and there will be great theatre happening up and down the coast all next year.

Loving spring, loving playwrights, loving Sydney,

Lee Lewis
Artistic Director