A Note from Karen, 1 September


In the Griffin office this week we can’t wait to…

Open Gloria! 
We’ve just finished the fifth preview of Benedict Andrew’s dynamite new play, Gloria. It’s been interesting talking to audiences in the foyer throughout the previews, listening to them compare Act 1 and Act 2 and unravel this intriguing production. Gloria is a show in distinct parts that ultimately make sense as a whole. Just when you think there can’t be any more twists you come back after interval to get a totally new take on the reality (or realties) of the story. My favourite comment so far has been “It was great to see… such a complex and innovative production. The play was captivating… and bonkers in a very David Lynch kind of way. Will definitely read the script now!”  

Welcome The Turquoise Elephant Company  
Stephen Carleton’s award-winning play The Turquoise Elephant starts rehearsal on Monday with a stellar cast, including, Catherine DaviesMaggie DenceJulian GarnerBelinda Giblin and Olivia Rose. I loved this play when I read it as part of the 2015 Griffin Award. It is a story that needs to be told now. I can’t wait to see what the formidable Gale Edwards will do with this black, black political farce. 

Launch 2017!
There was much excitement in the office when boxes of 2017 Season brochures were delivered this week. This is my second season launch at Griffin and once again I look forward to Lee unveiling what we have in store for you next year. It is another season of bold Australian work that the Griffin team can’t wait to sink their teeth into. We will launch the season on the evening of Monday 5 September, and subscriptions will be open later that evening. We are sending out brochures in the mail next week too, so if you’re not on our mailing list let us know and we will get one out to you!

So much that we can’t wait for… So much that we can’t wait for you to see!


Karen Rodgers
General Manager