A Message from Lee, 20 September


Ok after writing so many years of newsletters hounding you to book your tickets, complaining about the weather, gushing about the extraordinary talents appearing on the SBW Stables stage, and asking you for extra financial support, I am trying to write a really hard email to you.

I’m leaving Griffin in January to take up the position of Artistic Director at Queensland Theatre. It is a huge leap made possible by the years of making theatre here for you. I am excited by the challenges and possibilities ahead, very sad to be unthreading all the bits of Griffin woven into me, and thrilled that a new artist will get the chance to step into the role of Artistic Director of Griffin to imagine new futures for Australian plays with you. I know you will take care of them as they navigate the terrain of new work.

I’m not leaving for ages and I look forward to seeing you in the foyer at Griffin for a drink and a chat about Splinter or First Love is the Revolution. I’ll have plenty of time to remind you to subscribe for 2020… Have I mentioned what a great Christmas gift it can be and how the office will be open until 24 December in case you are really in the last minute game? I fully expect you to start planning trips up to Brisbane to see the new Australian work we’ll be making up there in the years to come. And there are plenty more newsletters before the end of the year when I will tell you in many ways how much I have enjoyed your company in the new play enterprise!


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