5 Questions with wāni Le Frère


wāni Le Frère is bringing his smash-hit show Tales of an Afronaut to Batch Festival 2019 for a special four-night run at the Stables. An evening of spoken word like no other, the show will transport audiences through the world of a third-culture generation, looking inward to explore huge ideas about life and culture. Read about the show below and book your tickets on the double!

1. Introduce yourself with a fun fact that someone might not know about you!

I once watched 27 hours straight of Full Metal Alchemist: The Brotherhood and fully believed I was destined to be an anime character.

2. Paint us a picture of your show in 5 words.

An Afrospective introspection of self.

3. What was the inspiration behind the creation of your show?

Probably my family, my life and the frames in which I find myself existing within.

4. What are you most looking forward to about bringing your show to Batch Festival 2019 at Griffin?

I’m most excited about seeing how it’ll be received. It’s always nerve-wracking to share your story with a whole new community you’ve never engaged with before who also don’t really have any prior knowledge of you.

5. Which other shows are you hoping to catch at Batch?

Lou Wall’s Drag Race.