10 Minutes With Julie Lee Goss


We sat down with actress Julie Lee Goss whilst Lighten Up was in rehearsals. 

What are you loving about rehearsing Lighten Up?
Lighten Up is a new Aussie play and we are lucky enough to have the writers, Nick Brown and Sam Mccool in the room for rehearsals. Every day in rehearsals we are making discoveries and the script is constantly evolving as we do. As a company we are working towards telling this story the best way we can. It’s been exciting to be a part of such an organic collaborative rehearsal process.

What are you scared of when it comes to the show?
See above! The lines are FRESH. Like, this morning fresh!! It’s seriously exciting and a teeny bit scary!

What are the messages of the play that resonate with you the strongest and why?
 I think the message that we should embrace our differences as people and that this journey needs to start from within is a universal one. Also that you should be careful when bleaching your bits as it can burn.

Best rehearsal moment?
We have had so many laughs!! Finding my character Merle has been so fun! We have been playing with the idea that she is a little bit magic. Like every ghost should be! Walking through walls, making objects appear, wearing disguises – All in a days work!

What’s your favourite line?
I would like to say it’s John Green’s line when he says “Blood is blood, whether it is mixed or not. And it is red” as it really sums up what the play is about. But my real favorite is when my character Livvy says “Why won’t Dicky do Fanny?” For obvious reasons.

What do you love about your character(s)?
Livvy is a precocious budgie obsessed 10 year old girl and Merle Oberon is a 1940s movie star with a secret past AND a secret mission!! What’s not to love!

Are there any similar qualities you have to your character(s)?
I too am a ghost! BOO! Only joking. My characters are quite funny but I’m not really.