A note from Lee, 19 December


So because things are not busy enough in the rush to Christmas (starting A Strategic Plan rehearsals, hosting a fundraiser for Nosferatutu, saying farewell to our Associate Producer, Melanie Carolan, who is moving to Critical Stages) we decided to hold our annual General Auditions. Each actor was invited to perform two monologues from Australian plays, and I have to say it was a real delight to see so many actors enjoying the words of great Australian playwrights.

I saw bits of plays written by Kate Mulvany, Andrew Bovell, Jane Bodie, Daniel Keene, Patricia Cornelius, Louis Nowra, Gabrielle McDonald, Michael Gow, Tammy Weller, Michael Abercromby, Maxine Mellor, Rashma Kalsie, John Harding, Nakkiah Lui, Joanna Murray Smith, David Stevens, Elizabeth Coleman, Van Badham, Michael Gurr, Lally Katz, Ray Lawler, Suzie Miller, Brendan Cowell, Vanessa Bates, Campion Decent, Declan Greene, Mary Anne Butler, Lachlan Philpott, Jada Alberts, Reg Cribb, Dorothy Hewitt, Nick Enright, Matt Egerton, Melissa Bubnic, Jane Harrison, Tara Clark, Sam O’Sullivan, Kit Brookman, Tommy Murphy, Disapol Savetsiva, Alex Broun, Duncan Graham, Steven Sewell, Alana Valentine, Jack Hibberd, Patrick White, Sean Riley, Michael Lill, Peter Kenna, Matt Ryan, Verity Laughton, David Williamson, Janis Balodis, Gareth Ellis, Laura Jackson, Robert Allen, Margaret Hickey, Will O’Mahony, Katherine Thomson, Wayne Tunks, Linda Aronson, Robert Dessaix, Travis Cotton, Aanisa Vylet, Erica J Brennan, Ross Mueller, Chris Isaacs, and Chris Bryant.

It was a wondrous way to spend two summer days. Thank you of course to all the actors for their work, but thank you deeply to all the playwrights for creating the scripts that are so inspiring to actors, to me and to audiences around the world. You rock.

Nothing left to say. Thank you everyone for a great 2016 filled with amazing plays. Thank you for subscribing in record numbers for 2017. Thank you in advance to all you last minute ‘this would be a great gift for my family’ subscribers who haven’t made the phone call yet… the office is open until noon on Friday and we will help you get it done in time to have under the tree.

You have all been the best audience a company could ever hope for. Merry Christmas. See you in the New Year.