I imagine I washed up on that shore for the same reason you found me there. If you had some secrets. I wouldn't mind if you had something you were ashamed of. I wouldn't mind.


Things are washing up on the shore: suitcases, spectacles, hair—and then Eva. She has lost all but the memory of her name and how she takes her tea. And she’s missing a finger.

When Bob finds Eva on the beach it’s not long before she is in his kitchen and he’s falling in love. But Eva is haunted by a past she can’t remember. Who is she and why does she scream in the night? When the mysterious rogue Maciek appears, Bob is terrified he’ll steal Eva away. Eva is terrified of what he may reveal.

The Sea Project is an evocative, unique story of migration, memory and desire. It reunites two of Australia’s hottest new theatre talents, writer Elise Hearst and director Paige Rattray, who first teamed up for 2011’s explosive Dirtyland.

Co-presented by Griffin Independent and Arthur

Cast & Creatives

Director Paige Rattray
Assistant Director Catherine David
David Fleischer
Dramaturg Amelia Evans
Lighting Designer Ross Graham
Composer/Sound Designer/Performer Tom Hogan
Voice Coach Jennifer White
Stage Manager Victor Araces
With Travis Cardona, Justin Cotta, Meredith Penman, Iain Sinclair

Performance Times

Preview 5 & 6 September
Season 8 – 29 September

Performance Times
Saturday 2pm and 7pm


Trailer, The Sea Project


“Penman’s performance as Eva is straight-up electrifying…This is cryptic and satisfying theatre.” Concrete Playground

‘An involving, warmly performed drama’. SMH

“…has an aesthetic disposition and sophistication, heart and soul which, despite its flaws (the last scene is questionably Hollywoodian) provokes us to think again about our origins, fates, fears, desires, hopes and dreams. That’s an experience always worth having.” Crikey

“There is under the auspices of Ms Rattray, Mr Fleischer and Mr Graham, a beautiful visual aesthetic – a mirrored floor with careful attention to furniture and properties additions, that takes the images to unfathomable depths.” Kevin Jackson’s Theatre Diary

The Sea Project is elusive, open-ended and alive with imaginative possibilities. Recommended.” Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise

“A strong, intelligent and entertaining piece of new Australian theatre.” Stage Whispers

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