Rediscover classic Australian plays.


Oprah has one, ABC’s Jennifer Byrne has one, and so does Griffin! The difference is, rather than books, you’ll be rediscovering classic Australian plays. When you purchase a Script Club ticket, you’ll receive a copy of the script to read in advance. Then join fellow script-worms for afternoon tea and round-table discussion led by John McCallum, Theatre Critic for The Australian and Senior Lecturer in Theatre at UNSW.

Thank You!
Griffin would like to thank Currency Press for their generosity in providing us scripts for Script Club!

Dates & Times

Saturday 25 February, 4pm-5.30pm
Here Under Heaven by Mona Brand

Saturday 6 May, 4pm-5.30pm
All Souls by Daniel Keene

Saturday 24 June, 4pm-5.30pm
Fortune by Hilary Bell

Saturday 29 July, 4pm-5.30pm
Barungin (Smell the Wind) by Jack Davis

Saturday 9 September, 4pm-5.30pm
Blood Relations by David Malouf

Saturday 28 October, 4pm-5.30pm
Gary’s House by Debra Oswald