'Her complexion is changing from light to dark and back again. This is the head of a reptile. She is going to kill me.'


In an isolated jungle, in a not too distant future, soldiers wage an endless war against an unknown enemy. Supply lines are cut, water is running out, the troops have gone tribal and sex is the only method to identify the aliens who have infiltrated the ranks.
A provocative mash-up of Predator, Alien and  Apocalypse Now, infused with the amoral war-as-entertainment swagger of gaming culture , For a Better World is a prize-winning play by one of Germany’s hottest playwrights. War.  Aliens.  Bikinis.  This is not a festival show. “It’s a nightmare: Candide’s “Best of All Possible Worlds” meets Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now”. Neue Zürcher Zeitung

A Company No. 3 and Griffin Independent Australian Premiere

Cast & Creatives

Caspers Director Daisy Noyes
Producer Leonie Tillman
Assistant Director Richard Pettifer
Lighting Emma Valente
Designer Kate Davis
Sound Design Martin Kay and Michael Pulsford
Dramaturg Daniel Schlusser
Stage Manager Canada White
Digital Artist Sebastian Oliveiro
With Pier Carthew, Fleur Dean, Alexander England, Kade Greenland, Kallista Kaval, Dana Miltins, Meredith Penman.

Translated by Jan

Performance Times

Monday – Saturday 7pm
Saturday Matinee 29 January 2011 2pm

Run time
1 hour 15 minutes with no interval