The wheels in the gravel driveway. The door.  Him coming home. I was waiting because I hadn't seen him in a long time. I hadn't been alone with him in so long…


After a decade under siege – a city has finally fallen.

But ten years have taken their toll on an officer returning from this overseas campaign. Attempting to put the horrors of war behind him, it is time to see his wife once more. Except the woman he remembers is not the same woman she once was. With a new lover beside her, a very different battle must now play out – inside the family home.

Don’t Say the Words, a brand new work from Tom Holloway, opens at the SBW Stables Theatre on July 4. Inspired by Aeschylus’ Agamemnon, yet set in a contemporary Australian landscape, Don’t Say the Words is an ‘epic-in-miniature’.

Tom Holloway‘s audacious new work tells of love pushing individuals to unrecognisable extremes. Creating an epic canvas for this exhilarating puzzle play, the spare but resonant text’s shifting truth unlocks themes of desire, sacrifice, free will… and revenge.

Cast & Creatives

Director Matthew Lutton
Dramaturg Peter Matheson
Designer Adam Gardnir
Lighting Designer Paul Jackson
Sound Designer Kelly Ryall
With Jack Finsterer, Anna Lise Phillips and Brett Stiller

Performance Times

Previews 27 – 30 June, 1 July
Season 4 – 26 July