One by one, five people on a bare stage begin to describe a seemingly ordinary evening in a local apartment block. As darkness falls, their five stories collide on the seventh floor in an exhilarating eruption of desire and imagination.

Roland Schimmelpfennig‘s magical and voyeuristic play is an unstoppable theatrical freefall. He shakes out the wishful little fantasies that run through our workaday heads and unfurls them into mad, great love stories. Arabian Night is a death-defying plummet where loving someone and inventing what happens next are the only things that can save you.

This is the first show to appear under the banner of the Johnny Moffat Players, a loose collective of Sydney theatre folk who want to make a bit more sense of things in the world and entertain your pants off at the same time.

A Johnny Moffat Players and Griffin Stablemates presentation

Cast & Creatives

Director Eamon Flack
Sound design Michael Toisuta
With Alice Ansara, Sarah Becker, Andre Jewson, Bryce Youngman and Elan Zavelsky

Performance Times

Preview 30 July
Season 1 – 23 August