Lost for what to do for Valentines day? Here are a few ideas from Griffin on how to have that perfect date night. 

‘Fine dining at Universal and/or breakfast at Bunker.’
Sam, Artistic Director


Ms G’s! As far as I’m concerned, nothing says “I love you” like a plate of sweet and sour ribs.’
Siobhan, Publicist 


Café Pacifico. Tequila and tacos. Nothing like tequila to give your Valentine a shot to the heart.’
Michelle, Development Manager


Una’s Restaurant for a schnitty. Sorts out the men from the boys.’ 
Jen, Marketing Manager 


‘One cup, two spoons. Share scoops of love, I mean gelato, at Messina!’
Jasmine, Front of House Manager


ArielLove Tilly DevineLove MachineEl Alamein Fountain’
Belinda, Artistic Associate 

Chimmi Churi, because the way to a man’s heart is through his ribs.’ 
Simon, General Manager 


‘Go old school glamour with champagne, cocktails and frocks at The Victoria Room.’ 
Stephanie, Digital & Social Media Manager 


‘Taco’s and Frozen Margarita’s on North Bondi Head overlooking the beach… At dusk.
(the Trick is stealing/sneaking the margaritas out of Beach Burrito Co.)’
Brandon Martignago, Male Intern