Two Truths, One Lie: Phillip Kavanagh and Benjamin Brockman


Here’s the game: three statements are given, two are true, one a lie. 

We asked Replay Playwright Phillip Kavanagh  and Lighting Designer Benjamin Brockman to play. 


1. At one point, the play was about three siblings arguing over how to eulogise their late brother, and rebuilding the past with props in their house.

2. At one point, the play was about two estranged sisters reuniting, a year after their third sister had died.  

3. At one point, the play was about two brothers teaming up to solve the mystery of their missing neighbour, who was last seen watering a yard that wasn’t his. 


1. Replay has over 155 lights in the entire production.

2. Replay has under 50 cues.

3. Replay has 191 cuts of gel. 

Now we all know that truth is a construct, a negotiated exchange between two, three, or more. But one of these things never happened, can you pick which?

Photo credit: Enzo Amato