Portrait of a Character: Meet the Artists


As part of our major fundraising initiative for 2016, 12 talented artists have created portraits of characters from our 2016 season.  These pictures will be auctioned at a fundraising event in April, but they’ll also be on display in the foyer of the SBW Stables Theatre on Sunday 17 April between 12 and 4pm. Find out more about Portrait of a Character.

Here is a quick introduction to three of our artists.

Jasper Knight
Full of bravura physicality, Jasper Knight’s paintings confront the viewer with a love for the handmade and the truth to be found in materials. For Jasper, the pleasure of paint dictates the flow of line, shape, surface and the seemingly casual insouciance of the drip with the hard-edged, utilitarian geometries he builds from discarded signage and hardware materials. Each image emerges as an icon of contemporary urban life, while allocating the everyday a place of ascendency. From 2005 to 2010, Jasper was a yearly finalist in the Archibald Prize and has an exhibition opening later this year.

Jasper has chosen the eponymous star of Benedict Andrews’ Gloria as his subject.

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James Jirat Patradoon
James Jirat Patradoon is a Sydney-based exhibiting artist and illustrator who creates aggressive yet playful images that remix hot pink aesthetics of the 80s with ultraviolent Japanese Animation. With a visual language informed by excessive amounts of unsupervised exposure to cartoons as a child, James fell into illustration after studying screenprinting at The College Of Fine Arts UNSW where he discovered his rapid production-line process of image-making. His frenetic practice has evolved to include installation, animation, and music videos, having collaborated Toby and Pete to produce live visuals for the Flume Infinity Prism Tour.

For Griffin’s Portrait of a Character, James has created a portrait of Vadius, from Justin Fleming’s The Literati.

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Michael McIntyre
Michael McIntyre is a multi-disciplinary artist working in the areas of painting, craft and installation; he explores interactive systems and interconnectivity through the making and display of totemic objects and painting. Michael is currently working on a major public art commission with UAP to be installed in central Sydney in June 2016 and a large installation work which will be shown at Sculpture at Scenic World in April 2016.

For Portrait of a Character, Michael has responded to the character of Tristian Tosser from Justin Fleming’s The Literati.

“A learned fool is more foolish than an ignorant one”

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Featured artwork, from left to right:
– Jasper Knight, Adam Cullen: the light is a drip on a dark hood, 2013
– James Jirat Patradoon, Bad Cell, 2012
– Michael McIntyre, Net Wrap VI , 2014