A Note from Lee, 9 June


Winter is here but so is The Literati – a great big bubble of fun to warm you up. With the best cast you can imagine, shamelessly wielding Justin Fleming’s rhymes, the Griffin Bell partnership is a hit! The next couple of weeks are sold out but there are still tickets towards the end of the run – and with this cast it is just going to get better and better.

But! You know our ticket sales do not cover the cost of the shows even when they sell out. That is the problem of a 105 seat theatre. So every year we ask all of our supporters to donate to the company so that we can continue to produce great new Australian plays. The end of the financial year is here (I know! How are we in June!) and if you find that you are able to make a tax deductible donation that would be hugely helpful.

Our sponsors RE created a short film to inspire people to support Griffin. It is a beautiful piece of work written by Suzie Miller and directed by Jack Naylor. It is almost too good – it makes us look far wealthier than we are. I just want you to know that everyone donated their time and love and talent to make it for free – this is not what we spend your donations on. Your donations go towards putting new plays onstage.

Stay warm and come and have a laugh with us at The Literati.



Lee Lewis
Artistic Director