There are so many tan boots out there looking for love. Meet Kit, a moccasin looking to be suede…

Name: Kit

Age: 23

Occupation: Student and part time backup dancer

A bit about me: Crazy loyal, no bullshit, hit me up if y’all down for some honest parlez

My friends would describe as: Fierce

What I am looking for in a partner: Somebody crazy as me, love life, no scrub cause I ain’t got the Benjamins but no shit I got the beauty.

If you had just won the lottery, how would you spend the money? With my family, meaning my girls, on some dope as hell vacation on a beach somewhere. Patron and some fancy bites by the water. Like that place that Rhonda girl goes on that advert with her boy Katut. Yeah .. I could do with a massage too. 

Girl in Tan Boots by Tahli Corin opens 27 March
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