Welcoming The Witches into the Stables and relishing the rehearsal room of Emerald City. We have reached the final shows of the year. Astonishing!

I walk into the rehearsal room each day and watch some of Australia’s best actors pull apart the text of Emerald City and start to breathe life into it again, nearly thirty years after it was first performed. Virtuosity – that is what I am seeing. Marcus Graham, Mitchell Butel, Lucy Bell, Jennifer Hagan, Kelly Paterniti, Gareth Yuen. All at the top of their game. Astonishing! 

Last week I sat with an architect involved with the planning of our future Sydney discussing the way Western Sydney is becoming the dynamic centre of the city. We were imagining seeing Emerald City thirty years from now and wondering how all those references to harbour views will sound as the oceans rise – will the play be transformed from a comedy to a tragedy? Today 120 world leaders are meeting in New York for the first summit on climate change in five years. Let’s hope it is astonishing!