Kill Climate Deniers reference material


If you’re interested in delving deeper into some of the ideas and topics presented in Kill Climate Deniers, here’s some quick reference material for you courtesy of the playwright David Finnigan.

The research and discussions around Solar Radiation Management are real, and happening right now. Clive Hamilton and Tim Flannery both wrote articles for The Conversation in 2015 which provide two quick glimpses at different perspectives on this debate.

Geoengineering might work in a rational world… sadly we don’t live in one
By Clive Hamilton

There’s another way to combat climate change… but let’s not call it geoengineering
By Tim Flannery

Climate Change Commentary
There are a lot of great commentators on climate change at the moment, but one that I’ve found very helpful in the last couple of years is Jonathan Rowson from the UK Royal Society. His Seven Dimensions of Climate Change report is well worth a look, a quick summary exists on The Guardian.

Also check out Anna Krien’s Quarterly Essay from 2017, a brilliant summary of climate politics in Australia.


Taking Action
If you’re looking for any kind of quick action you can take, now and today, throw some money to the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council. They’re currently fighting a native title claim for the Galilee Basin in Queensland, the prospective site for the new Adani mine.