A Note from Will, 19 January


This week a patron questioned the use of the phrase ‘Happy New Year’. It’s not so much the ‘New’ that she took issue with, it was just that after two weeks back in the office, the ‘Happy’ had started to wear off.

If you’re feeling the familiar yoke settle a little heavily this January then A Strategic Plan, previewing at Griffin next week, could be the relief you’ve been looking for. However bad your workplace, it couldn’t possibly compare with Staccato, the youth music organisation at the heart of Ross Mueller’s play. After just 75 minutes, you’re going to come away with a new sense of appreciation and respect for your devoted colleagues and dedicated board members. Meetings will flit past like butterflies and you’ll welcome your own acquittals, objectives and KPIs with open arms.*

Of course, if you need an immediate fix, then there’s just four shows left of Nosferatutu. The bloody brilliance of Tommy Bradson, Sheridan Harbridge and the unbridled terror of the accompanists, ushers and the Stage Manager has kept audiences enthralled, appalled and blood spattered (we’re very sorry) for the past two weeks. Don’t miss it!

Across town rehearsals have started for The Homosexuals, or ‘Faggots’, where Lee and Declan have taken on the challenge of a play which broaches critical issues of identity and sexuality, while simultaneously pulling the rug out from under our preconceptions and affectations. The Homosexuals will rehearse in Sydney for another four weeks before opening at Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne and then transferring back for a Sydney season from 17 March — although the cries of outrage, incredulity and laughter should reach us sometime before then. 

Frantic – yes. Nervous – a little. Happy – definitely.

Warm regards,

Will Harvey
Associate Producer

*Butterflies not guaranteed. But a deep and faintly malicious sense of satisfaction at another’s misfortune is almost as good.

A Strategic Plan in rehearsals. Opens 27 January.