A Note from Phil, 24 October


I remember the first time it happened.

Tingly fingers.
Lump in throat.
Volcanic belly.

She stands there, smoking a cigarette and chewing gum (at the same time) whilst dressed as Sporty Spice (obviously).

A disco ball spins above.

The floor betrays my feet below.

I stand, smelling of Lynx Africa and miscalculated bravado, whilst dressed as Posh Spice (keep up).

Voice cracking.
Face flushed.
Mouth open.

I say: “So…I’m really…I mean…I think…Ummm…Do you want another Bacardi Breezer?”

She flicks her pony tail, zips her tracksuit jumper and says “Sure” as she spits out her chewing gum and my heart explodes into a million teenage pieces.

It was in that moment, in the Benson Parish Hall, that I truly knew what love was (and just how much I have the Spice Girls to thank for).

Lee is currently locked in the rehearsal room bringing First Love is the Revolution to life with a gang of really wonderful actors. Family drama, gory endings and blossoming romance—it’s going to be a terrific night in our little theatre. And as we all know, deep in our chewy parts, first love actually is a revolution.

Phil Spencer

Artistic Associate
Griffin Theatre Company