A Note from Phil, 2 February


At 9.15am this morning, on the train to work, I saw a proper grown-up business(y) woman sprint from the platform, throw herself through closing doors, hurry up the stairs and nestle down into a seat. Then, this proper grown-up woman, tore her handbag open and with a delirious, half-crazed look in her eyes, took a small blue tube of salt and vinegar Pringles*, popped the lid and absolutely obliterated the defenceless chips before slumping down against the window with a warm gleeful smile radiating across her face. And I slow clapped (inside).

And you know what, I understand how she feels, not because I love Pringles, but because I’ve got a huge grin on my face too for these particular reasons: tonight is opening night for Ross Mueller’s A Strategic Plan, which means you can still get a 4 Play Subscription for all the Main Season shows at Griffin this year (and it also means we get free gin** and tonics. Ah hem.); we’re about to showcase three brand new plays at the Lysicrates Prize with this great group of people; and The Homosexuals is flying down to Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre, before it heads back to the Stables for what will be a electrifying season. Oh my, you really actually do not want to miss this one.

Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer
Studio Artist 

* Here at Griffin we’d like to thank the people at Pringles for their ongoing support of new Australian writing. Not the BBQ flavoured Pringles however, they taste like shame and cigarette butts.
** Supplied by our real life sponsors 4 Pillars Gin. Excellent humans that they are.