A Note from Lee, 29 September


The title of this newsletter is THE CONSOLATION OF SUBSCRIPTION. For subscription, my friend, is the only way to avoid missing shows like Gloria and The Literati which sold out early in their runs. In 2017 if you want to make sure you have a ticket to plays you might be interested in please subscribe. There are many benefits that come with subscribing but the greatest one is ‘not missing out’ if we have another hit on our hands in 2017.

Now I know that not every show at Griffin is a ‘hit’, but every play has something to say to us now about who we are and the time we are in. You may not agree with every playwright but you will be engaged in urgent conversations provoked by the best writers in the country. And if you are brave enough to sit in the front row you will be face to face with some of the most talented, passionate actors of our time speaking directly to you. There is nothing like it.

For those of you who have subscribed and are waiting to hear back from us – fear not! Our small team has got even smaller with the funding cuts, so it is taking us a bit longer to get through the subscription paperwork this year, but we will get there! Thank you for your subscriptions – each one we get is a great show of faith in new Australian plays.

There is only one more week left of Gloria and The Turquoise Elephant is waiting in the wings. I cannot believe we are heading into the fourth school term, but I can believe the Swans will win on Saturday! Have a great long weekend.


Lee Lewis
Artistic Director