A Note from Lee, 21 July


To the lovely Literati’s we bid farewell,
Thanks for the laughs – it’s sure been swell.

Now take a deep breath as the work begins
So the fabulous Gloria gets under your skins.

But before you get Marta, our gift to you
Is a romance from Perth, no really, it’s true.
Its title begins with Those Who Fall
In Love Like Anchors
… but wait there’s more!

A big congrats to architect Jon King
For the Mini-Griffin success – it is a great thing.

But most of all this week it’s a thank you.
Supporters, donors, subscribers – the real Griffin crew.

Your donations for the end-of-financial-year
Were incredibly generous and deserve a cheer.

For with this money we will continue to produce
The best Australian plays to challenge, charm and seduce.

I may not be able to rhyme with the skill of a Fleming,
But my gratitude is real – with your help we’ll keep winning.


Lee Lewis
Artistic Director

Image: On set, filming the footage that will be used in Gloria.