A Note from JoJo, 27 July


Dear Grif-friend,

It’s a pleasure to meet you! My name is JoJo, first-time caller, long-time listener here at Griffin—that is, I’m a new addition to the office but a pretty regular attendee at the theatre. I’m here on placement with the Literary team (the fab Dylan Van Den Berg and Julian Larnach).

“What does that even mean!?” I hear you cry, which is fair enough because about 90% of people I’ve told about this gig have asked the same question, including my housemates, closest friends, my mother and my ex’s mother who I’m still on very good terms with, thank you very much.

The Literary team deals with all things literary here at Griffin: developing new plays, assessing scripts, working with artists and reading, reading, reading—so that’s what I’m learning to do (I could already read though, promise). This position has been generously supported by Australian Plays Transform‘s Developing the Dramaturg program, which aims to increase diversity in the field of dramaturgy. There are six participants total, placed at fantastic theatre companies all across NSW. We’re the next generation of dramaturgs making their way—and it’s a good bunch (hi guys!).

I’ve been at Griffin part-time over the last three weeks, and I’ve already done some pretty cool things—I managed to squeeze into Suzie Miller’s Jailbaby before the entire season sold out (!). A huge congrats to the company for the success of the season, and for the delivery of this incisive new work.

I also joined just in time to be able to sample some (but not all) of the immense talent across submissions for the Griffin Award. As part of my internship here I’ve read some of the scripts and sat in on some of the meetings, and cross my heart, whittling 144 scripts down to a shortlist of five and then a winner of one was not an easy task—so congrats are in order to every writer who wrote a whole play (it ain’t easy) and took the leap to send it in. And then, of course, BIG congratulations to the shortlisted writers, and especially to Wendy Mocke, whose powerful script I am Kegu took home the crown (metaphorically. I don’t think there’s a crown. Maybe there should be…? @Griffin).

And finally, rehearsals for Blaque Showgirls start next week. Nakkiah Lui’s sparkly spoof is set to preview this September. It’s gonna be a lark! So better get those tickets, I reckon.

Can’t wait to catch you all around!

Bye girl xoxo

JoJo Zhou
Literary Assistant