A Note from Cassie, 21 September


Dear Grif-friend,

Well, well well… if it isn’t me, Cassie Hamilton, Griffin’s Associate Producer, writing the note for this edition of Griffin News!

I handle coordinating all the productions at Griffin with our Senior Producer Leila Enright. We sort of function as a bit of an amoeba (her words)—kind of a hive mind task-tackling approach where we take on mammoth amounts of work and intuit what each of us needs to do. It’s a unique and I would say effective approach! However, beyond producing I am also a playwright (OMG an emerging playwright working at Griffin, who’d have thought?!), which has generally been a dream here, with the only caveat being the week where I started here being the same one I found out I was shortlisted for the Griffin Award

I promise I did not rig it guys—I had no idea—it was just bad (good?) timing…

Anyway, I’m currently sitting here drinking iced coffee brimming with excitement because we are launching our 2024 Season in five days’ time, on Tuesday 26 September!!! I literally cannot articulate to you all how exciting next year’s season is, with truly some of the most ambitious, out-of-the-box and just damn mind-blowing works ever! There is one show later in 2024 that I am actually stupidly excited for that is a young queer story in one of my favourite genres. I even got do something very special for it that is a little out of my job description. I can’t say what, but I can say have a close look at the poster for it…

But right now we are right in the middle of our season of Nakkiah Lui’s riotous Blaque comedy Blaque Showgirls! This was the first production I got to produce from start to finish and what an absolute dream it has been working with this team of masters of their craft. Every time I see this show I laugh harder than the last time I saw it, and scream louder at every euphoric moment of bad-ass bitchery (this second comment is predominantly for Jonathon Jeffery’s Chandon… god he kills it overtime). It’s been so great seeing the reviews for the work and it receiving the high praise that it deserves! Even Jessica Mauboy came the other night and loved it! Do yourself a favour and DO NOT MISS THIS!!!

Well, that’s it for me for now. Can’t wait to see you around Griffin at Blaque Showgirls and in 2024!

I’ll see you around! (and you might see me on a poster or something IDK),

Cassie Hamilton
Associate Producer