A message from Lee 17 February


A note from Lee, 17 February

I was definitely the only person in the company who did not realise that we had a play by Alana Valentine opening on Valentine’s weekend. And was it ever Valentine’s weekend. She stole the hearts and minds of our Opening Night crowds. With the theatre jammed to capacity the actors amazed, the lights bathed, the sounds caressed, the songs seduced, and the words, words, words crept past our defences and made us wonder about truth, lies, stories and the power of writers to enchant us.

Ladies Day will take you to places and ideas you do not expect. Crafted by one of this country’s strongest playwrights it will leave you talking and thinking for days. It did take us a long time to get the opening night audience to leave the foyer!

But enough about what I think of it, read a response written by one of the many playwrights there on Opening Night. Suzie Miller’s playCARESS/ACHE was on the SBW Stables stage this time last year.