A message from Lee, 18 February


Writing to you from my seat on the 6am Qantas flight to Melbourne. I am spending the week at MTC working on a new play by one of our original Storylab writers Michele Lee.

Saturday saw me again on the wings of Qantas down to Tasmania to see the wonderful Robert Jarman in a play by Tom Holloway called As We Forgive. A big wave to Geoff Gibson down at the Burnie Arts Centre for the whirlwind tour of that beautiful part of the world.

All of this is part of the process of finding and developing great writing from around the country to bring to the Griffin stage for you. Sometimes a play will spring from our backyard like Suzie Miller’s Caress/Ache which arrives at the Stables next week. Sometimes it develops in the furthest reaches of this huge country like Yasukichi Murakami which has its roots in Broome, Darwin and a fishing village in Japan. Staying in conversation with writers across the country as they craft their stories is part of what we do at Griffin.

There are amazing stories out there being sculpted into plays. You know what the season holds for Griffin this year, but what kinds of stories would you like to see next year? I’ll keep my eye out for them in my travels.

Love Lee

PS shameless plug for Griffin photographer (and love of my life) Brett Boardman who has an exhibition opening at the Japan Foundation next week Mono No Aware. It is extraordinary. Yes I may be biased.