A message from Ben Winspear: 21 July 2015


This week.

In the theatre: Obsession, inspiration, impossible odds and the occasional act of reckless bravery. Mary Rachel Brown could be listing the prerequisites for life as an Australian playwright, or describing the humour and anguish of her characters from The Dapto Chaser, now down to its final week. Some beautiful performances have brought the warm glow of laughter to the heart of winter at the Stables Theatre under the guidance of comedy great Glynn Nicholas. Nearly sold out, but a few nights still available.

In the rehearsal room: Lee Lewis is deep into preparations for the opening of Angus Cerini’s Griffin Award winning The Bleeding Tree. I don’t want to speak for Angus (no one can speak for Angus) so here’s a bit in his own words about the inspiration behind the piece: “Perhaps the enjoyment I’ve had writing The Bleeding Tree comes back to the fact that despite the improbability of things changing in the real world, perhaps simply expressing this impossible desire might bring the fantasy to life somehow.” And what a brutal, hilarious, and vital fantasy it is. More on Angus’ inspiration behind the play here. To me, The Bleeding Tree is as close as we are likely to get to the terror and pity of the ancient Greek theatre in a long time. A steaming hot plate of catharsis coming your way.

On tour:  The Witches wraps up an interstate tour, exhilarating and terrifying our junior audiences from Subiaco to Dark MOFO.

And in the office:Barely contained excitement and chaos as the 2016 Season takes final form.  Plays, actors and the odd edible prop are rapidly congealing into a great looking year.  Here I bite my tongue, but not for long, with the 2016 launch just six (mildly panicked) weeks away on 31 August. If you’d like us to mail you a 2016 brochure, email our marketing team here with your name and address. 

Ben Winspear
Griffin Associate Artist