5 Questions with Oleg Pupovac


Me and My Mother, Singing is a one-man show created and performed by Oleg Pupovac. The show is inspired by the places he grew up in, and as a fun way of introducing his show, some of his answers to Griffin’s ‘5 Questions’ are in the form of text lifted directly from the show. If his poetry tickles your fancy, buy yourself a ticket to this one-night-only event.

1. Introduce yourself with a fun fact that someone might not know about you!

in Beirut
I volunteered
at a Palestinian refugee camp called

2. Paint us a picture of your show in 5 words.

A living, breathing creature to consider.
(6 words I cheated)

3. What was the inspiration behind the creation of Me and My Mother, Singing?

i look for paintings of snowfall
where the snow meets the sky
the white
I don’t want to see where the snow ends
and the sky begins.
i want
it to be endless
for it to happen in front of me.
in an earthquake
in the rubble
i look around
the dust and debris
the buildings
the grey sky
i don’t want to distinguish
between debris and sky
among the madness and mayhem
i want it to be still
and it to be still around me.

I don’t want to see my hand in front of my face
and I don’t want to see the snow falling.

4. What are you most looking forward to about bringing your show to Batch Festival 2019 at Griffin?

Conversations. While my show is (or can be) personal, I hope the audience takes enough away to spark conversation, or questions, or conversation that would arise from questions. I think giving the audience an opportunity to hate your art, or disagree with it, or question it, is important, and I look forward to those potential conversations.

5. Which other shows are you hoping to catch at Batch?

To be honest, Griffin Up Late looks bangin’; night time poets and musicians lulling us into the night. Sounds like an excellent, long and slow European film. My jam.

My other jams are Tales of an Afronaut, Sauvage (Wild), Lady Tabouli and Don’t Knock Your Granny.