A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be. (Abraham Maslow)

Food. Shelter. Sex. Safety. Belonging. Respect. Spirit.
Seven simple desires. And seven ten-minute plays to respond to psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. These unique, ephemeral plays provide intriguing companions for selected Griffin productions. In keeping with Maslow’s theory, they will be presented individually throughout the season – to absorb, process and accumulate over time.

7-ON are seven playwrights well-known to Griffin audiences, including Donna Abela (Arabian Nights), Vanessa Bates (Checklist for an Armed Robber), Hilary Bell (Wolf Lullaby), Noëlle Janaczewska (Songket), Verity Laughton (Burning), Ned Manning (Us or Them) and Catherine Zimdahl (Clark in Sarajevo).
In keeping with Griffin’s 2007 season of self-discovery, these plays provide another challenge. Hidden throughout the Griffin Season, the performance nights are waiting to be discovered. Like an Easter egg hunt, you have to find them.

Cast & Creatives

#1: Hunger, by Vanessa Bates
Director Laurisa Poulos
Composer Nadav Kahn
Design Consultant Alexandra Sommer
With Catherine Moore

#2: Shelter, by Hilary Bell
Director John Sheedy
Design Consultant Alexandra Sommer
With Maggie Dence and Anna Volska

#3: Left Breathless A Question, by Catherine Zimdahl
Director Anna Messerati
With Peter Kowitz

#4: F.R.G.S., by Noelle Janaczewska
Director Sally Sussman
With Noelle Janaczewska

#5: Belonging, by Ned Manning
Director Camilla Ah Kin
With Fiona Press, Rachel McNamara, Jack Milyn, Kenneth Moraleda

#6: Respect, by Verity Laughton
Director Geordie Brookman
With Annie Byron, Pip Miller and Kate Mulvany

#7: Spirit, by Donna Abela
Director Lee Lewis
With Craig Menaud and Wendy Strehlow

Performance Times

Hunger 27 March
Shelter 8 May
Left Breathless a Question 15 May
F.R.G.S 28 August
Belonging 11 September
Respect 6 November
Spirit 13 November