Turn on, tune in, and drop out.


A late-night radio show for lonely people, featuring spiritual visions, romantic advice and insomniac callers. Self-appointed ‘Supreme Overlord’ Neville Umbrellaman, an excommunicated televangelist, has been given a platform for his lunatic sermons on community radio station FFFFFFFFM, provided he also advertises for soul-destroying corporations and meets his on-air sales quota for cyclonic vacuum cleaners.

With Nitin Vengurlekar, featuring a guest performances by Sabrina D’Angelo, Jennifer Wong, Nick Coyle and jaunty bebop music from the spirit of Friedrich Nietzsche.

Image courtesy of Bankstown Arts Centre/Christopher Woe

Cast & Creatives

Written and Performed by Nitin Vengurlekar
Directed by Felix Cross
With Nick Coyle, Sabrina D’Angelo, Jennifer Wong and the spirit of Friedrich Nietzsche

Performance Times

Performance Times
Saturday 21 April 9pm


“I laughed out loud at every nonsensical piece written by Vengurlekar.” The Australian Bookshelf