I stick/ my needle into your flesh/ again and again/ a tattoo/ which you'll keep/ my signature/ for life/ a mark/ indelible


Tattoo is a dark and discordant fairytale, true to the tradition of the Grimm Brothers, about the misuse of power within the last bastion of safety – the family.
Oven-Wolf, a respected village baker and domestic tyrant, reigns fiercely over his family; his muzzled wife, dog-Face Julie, and his two maiden-daughters, Anita and Lulu.  As the gingerbread house walls close in, Anita’s chance encounter with the charming Flower-Paul offers hope – and threatens to expose their not-so-sweet world within.

Tattoo is a song of domestic entrapement, forensically detailing the transgression of moral boundaries, by one of Europe’s most lauded and prolific playwrights.

Cast & Creatives

Director Rochelle Whyte
Peter Gahan & Luke Rogers
Amanda McNamara
Lighting Designer
Martin Kinnane
Aidan Roberts
With Simon Corfield, Megan Drury, Sandra Eldridge, Sophie Kelly and David Richie


‘…plays that ingeniously combine sensuality and deceptiveness, comedy and death…’ Der Spiegal