“I love you so much I could burst into flames…”

Elliot and his brother Darren are a new breed of party planner. In a lawless, apocalyptic London, they survive by orchestrating the decadent fantasies of their rich and powerful clients. The story begins when a last-minute change of plan leads to a race against the fading daylight for the brothers to prepare their latest party piece in time.

What follows is a richly poetic yet ferocious series of events as conscience and memory are overpowered by the survival instinct. Compassion-fatigue and self-preservation battle it out with friendship and familial love in this powerful and visceral piece of theatre.

From British playwright Philip Ridley (Pitchfork Disney, The Fastest Clock in the Universe) comes a morality tale for our time, set in a world of desperation, desensitised souls and hallucinatory butterflies that dares to push the boundaries of what people will do to save the ones they love. Mercury Fur is, at its heart, a play about the families we create when our own are ripped from us. “It is,” says Ridley, “a play about love. The things that happen in Mercury Fur are not gratuitous. They are heartbreaking”.

Cast & Creatives

Director Ben Packer
Designer Adam Gardnir
Lighting Designer Danny Pettingil
Sound Designer Kelly Ryall
Producer Erin Thomas
With Luke Mullins, Xavier Samuel, Aaron Orzech, Russ Pirie, Gareth Ellis, Fiona Macys & Paul Ashcroft

A little death production and Griffin Stablemates premiere

Performance Times

Preview 26 September
Season 27 September – 13 October