What does it mean to love animals in a world that constantly pushes them out?


Nathan loves two things: animals, and the triple j Hottest 100. So, he’s running an online poll asking people for their favourite animals, and creating this show to count down the top 100.

In the same way that the triple j Hottest 100 creates a snapshot of Australian youth culture, the list of 100 animals is a snapshot of us: our attitudes to animals, the stories we tell about them, and how we see our place in a socio-ecological system under great pressures.

It’s just like having a BBQ in summer listening to that other countdown, but you’re in a theatre getting anxious that nobody’s mentioned wombats yet.

Vote for the wombats (or your chosen favourite) here. Voting closes Sunday 29 March.

Batch Two-Pack
Two shows on the same night for $50 (saving up to 30%)
Saturday 25 April

Cast & Creatives

Created and performed by Nathan Harrison