Tim and John met in high school in the mid-1970’s. Tim was in the school production of Romeo & Juliet and had a crush on John. John was the captain of the football team and wanted to play for Essendon. By the end of high school even their school yearbook acknowledged them as the year’s cutest couple.
Breathtakingly honest and achingly funny, Holding The Man is a heart-wrenching account of a fifteen-year relationship that weathered disapproval, separation, temptation and ultimately, death. It’s a story and a celebration that speaks across generations, sexual preference and cultures.
A Griffin Encore Season in celebration of the Mardi Gras Festival
Tommy Murphy’s plays include Troy’s House and Strangers in Between, which was first staged by Griffin in 2005, and won the NSW Premier’s Literary Award for Best Play.

Perfomance Dates

Return Season 8 February – 3 March

Production Notes
Director David Berthold
Designer Brian Thomson
Costume Designer Michael Agosta
LX Design Stephen Hawker
Composer & Sound Designer Basil Hogios
With Jeanette Cronin, Nicholas Eadie, Guy Edmonds, Robin McLeavy, Brett Stiller, Matt Zeremes

SBW Stables Theatre
10 Nimrod Street
Kings Cross NSW 2011