Ever wanted to change the past? Charlie Pilgrim does, and she’s about to get her chance to do just that.


Have you ever wanted to change the past? Charlie Pilgrim does. And with the prototype of her time machine—The Mobius—ready for a test run, she’s hoping to get her chance. Unfortunately, starting up the machine accidentally creates a closed time loop that adds a new Charlie to the world every 24 hours. With the population rising and group dynamics coming into play, things go from Interstellar to Lord of the Flies pretty fast. To save her soul and prevent the universe from collapsing under the weight of a mounting series of mind-bending paradoxes, Charlie is forced to do battle… with herself.

Presented by ATYP
Age Recommendation: 8+

Performance Times

Preview 21 – 23 November
Opening Night 24 November
Season 26 November – 1 December

Performance Times
Wednesday & Thursday 7pm
Friday 30 November 11am & 1pm
Saturday 7pm
Sunday 5pm

Extra Matinees
Thursday 22 November 11.30am
Wednesday 28 November 1pm