We want to make life easy for you: no-mess, no-fuss ticketing!


If you select Delay Pay when booking your subscription, you will not be charged for your tickets until two weeks before Opening Night.

This ensures that we won’t take payment until we are absolutely sure (COVID-sure, anyway!) that the show will go on.

If you select Delay Pay you will receive:

  • A first confirmation upon receipt of your booking form, accepting your order and letting you know when payments will be taken;
  • Confirmation one week before the advised Delay Pay date reminding you that payment will be due; and
  • The option during that week to cancel your payment if you are no longer in a position to continue with your subscriptions. Our Box Office team will be happy to work with you to find a suitable ticketing alternative.

Delay Pay is available for all subscription options (from 2 Play to 5 Play, or with Add-Ons)*. Simply select the Delay Now option when purchasing your subscription package!


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*ATYP shows are not eligible for Delay Pay.