The next show taking over the Stables, brings the amazing Melbourne-based team of writer/performer Bojana Novakovic, musician Tim Rogers and director Tanya Goldberg from Ride On Theatre, in a theatrical treat that explores the writings of controversial North American diarist, Mary MacLane.

Here’s what Bojana and Tanya have to say about Mary Mac’s writing: “She may have been writing over a hundred years ago, but her use of language was original, startlingly contemporary and shamelessly revealing.”

And here’s a taster to show you what they mean:

I want Fame more than I can tell.

But more than Fame I want Happiness. I have never been happy in my weary young life.

Think, oh think of being happy for a year – for a day! How brilliantly blue the sky would be; how swiftly and joyously would the green rivers run; how madly, merrily triumphant the four winds of heaven would sweep round the corners of the fair earth!

For one single hour of Happiness I would give up at once these things: Fame, and Money, and Power, and Virtue, and Honor, and Righteousness, and Truth, and Logic, and Philosophy, and Genius. The while I would say, What a little, little price to pay for dear Happiness.

I am ready and waiting to give all that I have to the Devil in exchange for Happiness. I have been tortured so long with the dull, dull misery of Nothingness – all my nineteen years. I want to be happy – oh, I want to be happy.

Check back in for interviews with the team, the ideas behind the show and some more sneak peeks into Mary MacLane’s bizarre and beautiful world.