A message from Lee, 29 April 2015


We are creating our end-of-financial year fundraising campaign and I need to ask the acting community of Griffin for support.

When we ran the 2014 campaign, I received a lot of emails from actors saying they wished they could donate to Griffin.

Now I’m asking you to donate your talent – to donate your favourite monologue from an Australian play to an audience of one.

Intrigued? I hope you are!

On Saturday, 9 May we are moving the Griffin experience down to Circular Quay for one day. We are creating a ‘tiny Griffin’, a ‘mini-Griffin’, a distilled version of what the amazing experience of theatre at Griffin can be for our audience. Architect Jon King has designed Sydney’s smallest theatre – a theatre for one actor and one audience member. (I realise this is in no way a sustainable future direction for Griffin… I’m not that crazy). What we would like to do is give a Griffin experience to members of the public. The public will be invited into this tiny space to see a small piece of a great Australian play. We will be down at Circular Quay on Saturday 9 May between 10am and 2pm.

Which is where, obviously, we need the help of the Griffin acting community. Would you be willing to donate one of your monologues? If you have five minutes to spare next Saturday, please come and be part of the fun.

If you can help us out we would love to offer you a ticket to see our next Griffin production The House on the Lake by Aidan Fennessy which is currently in rehearsal. If you are interested in performing a monologue next Saturday, please contact Caroline at [email protected] and let us know your best availability and we’ll put you in the program – you will perform your favourite Australian play monologue for an audience of one.

If you are not an actor but are thinking you may want to see a great actor up close performing just for you… then Kristy has written the details in another box in the newsletter. 

Happy autumn,
Love Lee