Inside the Rehearsal Room: Five Properties of Chainmale


Five Properties of Chainmale writer and director Nicholas Hope takes us into the rehearsal room and gives us glimpse of what’s to come.

And rehearsals have started! It’s a thrilling process directing your own work; themes and connections you’d never realised were there are brought out by actor input, and the piece grows beyond your own initial conception of it. We are in our first week of exploration, and I am excited and just a little threatened by elements of what we are finding and by the potentials and limitations of theatricalisation. The comedy elements of the play are pushing through, and the morphing of perfomance/storytelling style that is intended to be mirrored in the ever-diminishing set is in a promising embryonic state.

Costume designer Zora has also submitted costume drawings… so I am including a sneak preview for one actor. They are based on the idea of layers and follow the different characters played by Jeremy, whilst maintaining the commonalities those characters have…

Sketch by Zora Milevska 

And finally, we’re half way through the Pozible crowdfunding campaign, and half way to the target. Thank you to all who have pledged so far. 

Five Properties of Chainmale plays 15 April – 9 May, book tickets here.