A Word from the Assistant Directors, The Ham Funeral


It feels like only yesterday that we were sitting round the table grappling with the text and trying desperately to honour the words of Patrick White…references and symbols and imagery and rhythm…and so much laughter. The kind of laughter that happens with a frowning face. Life summed up in one moment. It is this emotion, for me, which makes me feel most human. Harmolipi, as the Greeks would say; the simultaneous feeling of sadness and happiness.

With my head in the script over-analysing in rehearsal, there is a sudden burst of music with Nate Edmondson, and the actors break into song, perfectly timed, to remind me that “to understand the stars would spoil their appearance.” Sometimes you must allow the music of the words to take you there.

Now we are in the thick of it. Watching the actors walking the tight rope as they let go of all they have learned and start to make the bold choices. The jumps and leaps of discovery — the juicy stuff.

I wait impatiently to leave my day job and enter the rehearsal room again… 

Phaedra Nicolaidis

My name is Sally Dulson and I’m Assistant Directing on all things HAM.

What a fantastic play to be involved with. There is so much in the text to wrap your head around, and to be constantly discovering new things in each rehearsal is such a gift. A testament to good writing.

Kate has such a unique perspective on theatre because of her vast experience and her multiple-hat-juggling. So naturally, to help the rehearsal process run smoothly, I’m constantly asking myself: “What would Kate do.”

The Ham Funeralis on schedule and cooking with gas. Today we worked on scenes with the Young Man and Young Girl, and The Relatives. What a pleasure I have to be privy to the work of these actors. I’m experiencing constant lols and ‘edge of my seat’ moments, so I know we are right on track. I’m loving this production. I’m looking forward to the tech to see it in all it’s glory.

Sally Dulson

Siren Theatre Co. and Griffin Independent present The Ham Funeral, 17 May – 10 June.