A Note from Lee, 27 October


Hello jacaranda, hello Sydney Festival, and hello to the wonderful production of The Turquoise Elephant. It’s colourful, it’s a restoration, apocalyptic, farce which has been described as a comic kick in the teeth to our political complacency, and it is the perfect end to our 2016 Main Season.

That’s right… it is the last play of a theatrical journey that launched this year with Alana Valentine’s Ladies Day, delved into  Phil Kavanagh’s Replay, giggled through Justin Fleming’s The Literati, fractured into Benedict Andrew’s  Gloria and will finish with the final confronting question posed by Stephen Carleton ‘What are we going to do?’. What an extraordinary year of new plays from courageous playwrights, actors, directors, designers and stage managers who have led us into such different worlds. Where do we go from there? I’m glad you asked…

Into our 2017 season of course! A Strategic Plan is gearing up to take us deep into the horrific heart of bureaucratic comedy. And on Sunday morning at 9am Sheridan Harbridge was in my backyard in a tutu being drenched with blood to make the poster shot for the vampire cabaret Nosferatutu. No, the weirdness never stops. Make sure you subscribe to be a part of the whole 2017 playwriting tornado. Have I suggested yet that a subscription can make a fine Christmas gift… I know that is what I give to my whole family! This is actually a test to see if they are reading my newsletter.

With only one big horse race and one American election to get through, the silly season is nearly upon us.

Come on Summer!


Lee Lewis
Artistic Director