A Note from Lee, 21 December


2017! A Strategic Plan, The Homosexuals orFaggots, Rice, Diving For Pearls. A big year of stories wasn’t it? I hope you found in these plays ideas to challenge you, to entertain you, to create new conversations with friends and totally inspire you to come back to Griffin in 2018. Have you subscribed yet? Better still, have you made your friends subscribe? And gift subscriptions… how good are they!?!

Seriously though, thank you for supporting new Australian plays and the artists who make them. Griffin employed 52 artists this year, and gave a home to 63 independent artists. We put on 451 performances and over 25,000 people sat in the Stables to see new work.

Thank you to all the playwrights who put the words on paper. Katherine Thomson, Michele Lee, Declan Greene, Ross Mueller, Morgan Rose, Dan Giovanonni, Patrick White, Suzie Miller, Robyn Archer, David Williams, Sheridan Harbridge, Tommy Bradson, all the playwrights who created works in the Griffin Studio, all the playwrights who sent us plays for the Lysicrates Prizes and for the Griffin Award (next deadline 31st December!). You are all extraordinary. I hope we took good care of your work and that you loved your play being here at Griffin as much as we loved having it on the SBW Stables stage.

Against the odds we have had a great big successful year, thanks to you. Thanks for coming, thanks for donating, thanks for reading our newsletter, thanks for being the best audience in the country. Enjoy your break if you get one, enjoy the lack of traffic in the city for the next month, enjoy a good book, and I will see you back at the Stables in 2018 for new adventures.


Lee Lewis
Artistic Director