A Note from Lee, 16 March


Friday night will be the first preview of Declan Greene’s The Homosexuals or ‘Faggots’. We had a great season down at Malthouse in Melbourne so there is plenty of social media chatter from all your friends down there who saw it… Now you are just going to have to come along and see for yourself. It’s a farce, and there is mashed potato involved so don’t wear your good clothes if you like sitting in the front row.

Filthy in a different way, Angus Cerini’s The Bleeding Tree has opened for a new season down the road at STC. All the gore and greatness of the original production, dripping with the talent of Paula Arundel, Shari Sebbens and Airlie Dodds on the Wharf 1 stage for the next month.

Autumn is always the best time for going to the theatre – I like to think of it as the great umbrella exchange. Lose your umbrella, find inspiration!

Stay dry if you can,