A Note from Dylan, 15 June


Dear Grif-friend,

Well, hello there! My name’s Dylan, and I’ve just jumped on the Griff-train as our brand-new Literary Manager! What’s that, you might ask? Well, I look after all things literary—developing new plays (lots of chats and whiteboard-time with playwrights as we steer a new story on its journey to the Stables), building relationships with the outstanding talent that exists in Australia, and baking cakes (not officially in my job description, but I won’t let that stop me).

Vaguely holding on to my train metaphor, I’m also thrilled to share that I’m not the only new steam engine on the tracks here at Griffin; we’re delighted to welcome Cassie Hamilton into the station! Cassie will be our Associate Producer, and you’ll have a chance to hear from her in the coming weeks! 

As we move into the week to come (and switching to an entirely different metaphor), we’re preparing to say farewell to the fabulous, sparkly, OMG-ness of Pony by Eloise Snape! What a ride! If you haven’t saddled up already and witnessed this hilarious and poignant exploration of motherhood, get your boots on! And for those who don’t mind a gallop down the Hume, you can catch Pony–starring one-woman powerhouse Briallen Clarke–as it lands in our nation’s capital with our friends at the Canberra Theatre Centre. 

In other exciting news, we’ve got Suzie Miller’s Jailbaby in rehearsal. You’ll know Suzie as the writer behind the international smash hit Prima Facie, which is currently stunning audiences on Broadway as I write (and stars newly-minted Tony winner Jodie Comer!). Helmed by our Associate Artistic Director Andrea James, our creative team is hard at work bringing this challenging but important work to the stage. Tickets are already running out the door for Jailbaby, so don’t wait!

And lastly, as we scoot towards the end of the financial year (EOFY for those of you who love an acronym, just like I do!), consider donating to Griffin before 30 June. Bringing new writing to the stage is our game, and supporting as many artists as possible is our aim! We’re grateful for any support you can give—it all adds up.

Well, that’s it from me! I’m off to read some more exiting Australian plays (and to perfect a Persian Love Cake). I look forward to saying g’day the next time you trot on down to the Stables!

Stay groovy,
Dylan x

Dylan Van Den Berg
Literary Manager