A Note from Ang, 18 May


Dear Grif-friend,

Ang from the Marketing team here! I hope you’re well and have successfully transitioned your summer wardrobe to your autumn/winter one, making your everyday existence stylish and cosy in equal measure. Next week, I’m headed off for a bit of leave to Tokyo, which means there’s currently a giant pile of summer clothes sitting on my floor, waiting to be packed.

This week, however, has been absolutely chock-full of excitement here at Griffin HQ, with Pony by Eloise Snape enjoying rapturous applause, ★★★★ reviews and an all-round spectacular opening at the SBW Stables Theatre! Team Marketing has been beavering away at a pair of sparkly, shiny, textured photo walls that stand on proud display in the foyer of our dear theatre—and we’ve collected an assortment of hats for eager audience members to don and pose with in their Insta piccies or TikTok videos. So much fun!

But enough about what I’ve been spending my week on—the creative team behind Pony has been working so hard across previews to bring you, the audience, a one woman show that is hilarious, relatable and absolutely beautiful. I have seen the show twice now and I can’t wait to go a third time. I brought my parents on Mother’s Day weekend they loved it—my dad even called it a “must see” (side note: dads reviewing theatre would be a great podcast idea!). Pony is the perfect play to bring your parents, adult kids, friends or partner to—it’s quite simply a heck of a fun ride. I highly recommend it!

Of course, we can’t talk about one woman shows at Griffin without mentioning the continued success of Suzie Miller‘s Prima Facie. It was announced this week that the incredible Cynthia Erivo will star as Tessa in the movie adaptation (!!!) of the play that has made waves on stage in over 25 countries (!!!). I have worked at Griffin for over five years, and tracking the very beginnings of Prima Facie‘s development through to where it is now has been a pure trip. I still can’t quite believe the enormity of a play that started right here at the SBW Stables Theatre. It makes me so proud of what our theatre can do!

If you’d like to see Prima Facie‘s spiritual sequel, Suzie Miller‘s Jailbaby opens this July, and tickets are already selling fast! Get in quick and you might see the humble beginnings of yet another global success from one of Australia’s best playwrights.

I think Prima Facie and Pony are both excellent examples of the astonishing calibre of theatre that Griffin produces on the regular. We make work that consistently punches above its weight in large part because of our passionate family of donors, whose generosity accounts for about a third of our total income as a theatre company. This end of financial year Griffin needs the support of theatre lovers like you to help us achieve some pretty exciting things in the near future (including the development of brand new work, supporting the country’s most exciting artists, and ensuring great Australian theatre is for everyone). It was also a lot of fun to work on this year’s hilarious EOFY video—check it out and consider donating today!

I think that’s all from me. I’ll see you around the theatre once I’m back from Japan!


Ang Collins
Content Producer