A message from Lee 25 August


Spring is on its way and so is the launch of our 2016 Season! Next Monday, I will share with you the lineup of extraordinary new plays that you’ll see on the Stables stage next year. I am near to bursting with excitement! Our marketing team is limiting me to two exclamation marks in this newsletter – unfair.

I had the chance over the weekend to work on scenes from Australian plays with young actors at ATYP. We looked at bits of plays from the last few years at Griffin and as they worked through Ian Meadows’ Between Two Waves, Jane Bodie’s This Year’s Ashes, Declan Greene’s Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography and Patricia Cornelius’ The Call, it was a real reminder to me of how precious these stories are. And how strong the writing is. Visiting these plays again was a real joy – watching young actors fall in love with the feeling of acting Australian writing was a pleasure.

A pleasure too seeing that Glace Chase‘s play A Hoax premiered this weekend in America. Glace has adapted the work for an American audience and it is having a season at the New Jersey Repertory as Nobody’s Girl. A remarkable achievement – we wish her and her cast the best of luck! (Totally justified usage of punctuation as this is HUGE)

Closer to home. Thank you for embracing our new play The Bleeding Tree so strongly. We only programmed a short season because it is the riskiest play in the year so I am sorry you only have two more weeks to see it. Paula, Shari and Airlie are literally taking people’s breath away.

And rehearsals start next week for Kit Brookman’s Rabbit For Kim Jong Il. Too much? Come on! I’ll race you to Christmas!

Love Lee