A message from Lee, 20 January


On Monday night Angus Cerini’s The Bleeding Tree won Best New Australian Work at the Sydney Theatre Awards. How awesome is that?! I know, I know, I know…theatre is not a competition…you can’t win theatre. But making new plays is so hard, so many elements have to conspire to bring the right words and the right actors into a room with the right audience at the right time, that it is nice when your peers celebrate the shows when it all does come together well.

But of course we only take one night to think back to the last year, because right now on the SBW Stables stage we have a new play from Reg Cribb delighting audiences. This is an indie production brought to you by Stone Soup. Thomas Murray and the Upside Down River opened last Friday and it is a big sprawling, surprisingly touching, state of the nation play that could only come from the pen of Reg Cribb.

The sun is shining, subscriptions are at an all time high, Griffin’s first Main Season show Ladies Day is in rehearsal, I’m off to see the opening night of the STC revival of Louis Nowra’s great play The Golden Age, I just scored tickets to Kate Mulvany’s adaptation of Jasper Jones over at Belvoir… plays, plays and more Australian plays…how good is summer in Sydney.

Love Lee