A message from Lee, 12 May 2015


It was a dark and stormy night. NO! It was a gloriously blue sky day down at Circular Quay on Saturday when we opened the first season of Griffin’s Really Intimate Theatre! Great Australian actors performed monologues from great Australian plays in Sydney’s tiniest theatre for the people who were curious enough to venture inside. Take a look at the pics. 

Architect Jon King designed a mini-Griffin – it was built by the amazing Griffin team  – and at 10am on Saturday morning it opened to delighted audiences. One at a time. This theatre is only big enough for one audience member at a time. And one by one they were astonished… by the intimacy, the intensity, the talent of the actors, the power of the stories, and the way theatre can sweep you away from your ordinary Saturday walk around the harbour and into a world inside a box.

It was a chance to share the intimacy of a front row Griffin performance with people who may never have ventured up the hill to Nimrod Street. We had 75 performances on Saturday! People were introduced to the writing of Kate Mulvany, Suzie Miller, Caleb Lewis, Van Badham, Mayu Kanamori, Wayne Tunks, Ross Mueller, Paschal Berry, Sven Swenson, Hilary Bell, John Romeril, Eryn & Alan Skinner, and David Williamson. 

Thank you to Sabryna Te’o, Sam Smith, Arisa Yura, Meredith Penman, Ben Winspear, Sue Broberg, Silvia Colloca, Kate Mulvany, Valery Berry, Michael Griffin, Angeline Andrews, Craig Alexander and Ben Wood who all donated their talent and time to transform Sydneysider’s days and give them a bit of wonder. It was a real pleasure to have you in our inaugural season. Your reviews were all excellent!

Griffin’s Really Intimate Theatre was a chance for us to share our love of Australian plays with Sydney. It was free. It was fabulous. We had a ball. We will do it again.
Love Lee